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DairyBreakfast 2009

Country Today – May 27-June 2, 2009

Although they had been asked several times, Larry and Shelley Jerome had never hosted the Barron County Dairy Breakfast. They had always had a conflict. But in June 2009, the timing was right. They saw it as a way for their family to give something back to the agricultural industry, which had given them so many opportunities.
Due to the diversity of their operation, the attendance expectation was set at 3000-4000 people. This would be a larger-than-normal turnout. They expected many of their acquaintances from across the United States. Because Jerland Farm was so close to Barron and because the Jeromes were well known, a crowd was expected.

Larry had viewed the breakfast as a social function. He saw it as a chance for neighbors to catch up and for his farm to show the attendees a basic, honest concept what rural America was about. Often, friends who may not have seen each other for quite awhile would be given the chance to visit.

Larry knew that Jerland Farm was not an average dairy farm and he was not a normal farmer. The Jeromes’ diverse operation included: German Shepherd dogs, Arabian horses, Holstein cattle, beef cattle, Brown Swiss cattle, canaries and parakeets, turkeys, ducks, geese, peacocks, hogs, and sheep. Some of the animals occupying the farm were there because of Larry’s interests and some were there due to the 4-H and FFA projects of his seven children. The farm was almost set up like a fairground, with all the children having their own little businesses.

Earlier in Larry’s life, he had the dream of becoming a large-scale dairy operation. However, he changed his ideas and decided to focus on genetic excellence. He was more interested in quality than in quantity of his cattle.

Larry had strong mentors……………stewardship

Land – cropping soybeans and corn